Power Supply System and Equipment

VICOM ENERGY SERVICES provides solutions and system integrations for equipment of power transmission and distribution in oil & gas. The equipment include transformers, power supply skids, high voltage switches, SF6 electrical apparatus, voltage/current transformers, medium/low voltage switchgear, lightning arresters, insulators, capacitors, wires and cables, hardware, insulation materials, poles and towers, bus-bars, bushings, protection relays, integrated substation automation system, power grid dispatching automation, distribution automation, information management automation, DC power supply and instrumentation.

The power supply skid (compact substation) has been widely used in the oil & gas field, with our European partner manufacturing facility. It can meet diverse customer requirements and provide perfect power supply solutions for power distribution and power supply. The power supply skids supplied by VICOM ENERGY SERVICES are highly recognized by oil operating companies around the world.

● Limited construction work 
● Short construction duration
● Easy to remove, able to be reused 
● Saving resources and project investment 
● Limited maintenance work
● Stainless steel Shell, corrosion-resistance  

Perfect Integration Solution 
● A/C redundancy  
● Integration of VSD 
● Integration telecommunication
● Integration of RTU & SCADA systems

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