Control and Automation Systems (RTU/SCADA/DCS/ESD/MCC)

VICOM ENERGY SERVICES provides a wide range of control and automation services for oilfields and refineries, including remote terminal unit (RTU), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control system (DCS), emergency shutdown system (ESD), and motor control center (MCC) and programmable logic controller (PLC).

● Support combination of multiple communications types
● Support photovoltaic power supply to solve power supply problems in remote places 
● Integrate cameras
● Linkage alarm
● Remote maintenance 
● Lower cable laying cost

● Gather all third party systems data 
● Monitor the running state and process parameters of devices in FPF
● Automatic or manual operation of whole plant device

● Monitor the key parameters of devices on-line 
● Emergency shutdown of related devices or activating the interlock of pumps when operating parameters are abnormal

Motor Control Center (MCC) System 
● Gather the running state and electric parameters of pumps from motor relays
● Feed back the related parameters of pumps to the DCS 
● Transfer the DCS's operation command to motor relays 

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